Director of NCBN promotion office, NCVC biobank  Dr. Akira Takada

Poster Display Booth:  14-30  
Title: The mission of National Center Biobank Network(NCBN)
Date: February 15 (Wed)  15:10 ~ 15:40
Venue: Exhibitor Presentation Venue P (Hall 3, INTEX OSAKA)
Outlines/Features of Research
The mission of National Research Centers for Advanced and Specialized Medical Care, consisting of six National Centers, is to overcome particular diseases with a significant impact on the national health. We are actively working on establishment of a joint biobank, "common platform" for bio-resource collection that facilitates industry-academic-government cooperation through broad joint research.
Differences with Conventional/Competitive Technologies
The National Center Biobank Network (NCBN) is composed of 6 National Centers and plays a key role in a national undertaking of biobank. NCBN has three distinctive features: (1) collection of tissues and body fluids from patients, (2) possession of fine, traceable medical records and (3) collaborative efforts of hospital and research institute on planning and dissemination of medical-care policy.
Expected Applications
In the use of bio-resources and their associated medical records that are collected in NCBN, personalized medicine and genomic drug discovery constitute a principal application field. Research of personalized medicine is undertaken to find a clue linking disease and genetic/genomic information, while that of genomic drug discovery is followed to pursue the underlying mechanisms and therapeutics.
Profile Institution URL
1986 Awarded the degree of PhD., Graduate School of Medicine, University of Tsukuba
1986 Assistant Prof., Clinical Medicine, University of Tsukuba
2002 Associate Prof., Medical Informatics, University Hospital of Kumamoto
2008 Medical director, National Cerebral and Cardiovascular Center
Director of NCBN promotion office, NCVC biobank
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